Special Occasions Flower Bouquets – All in the Details

Large beautiful and colorful bouquet of flowers taken in Glendale ca

Weddings, baby showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events… the list is endless! Special events shape the trajectories of our lives. These are some of the most important days of our short time on Earth, so it’s only natural that we want them to be memorable! However, some flowers are more suited for one occasion than the other. Are you a tulip bride or a red rose kind of girl? Is your bestie’s gender reveal party a pink and blue vibe or is it more timeless with neutrals and foliage? There are way too many options to be privy to! Luckily, Divine Fleur expert florists are your flower godmothers for all your floral needs.

In this first installment of our Memorable Events blog series, we’ll talk about tying the knot.

Weddings – The most important day in a woman’s life. What are supposed to be days of bliss and dreams of matrimony turn into a decision-making nightmare! You have venues, dresses, five-course meals, jewelry, and guests to worry about, so allow us to take the stress of florals off your hands. Use this quick guide to decide what kind of bride you are, then allow our florists to help you out from there on.

Classic/Traditional Wedding

If you’re planning to have a traditional wedding – big, white, dress, long veil- the most classic florals include lots of bright whites, creams, and subtle pinks. These colors evoke sweetness, innocence, and purity. We suggest a bouquet with white roses and hydrangeas to achieve this simple but timeless look. If you’re opting for a pop of color, light pink cabbage roses or peonies will give a subtle but memorable contrast off your white gown.

Retro/ Vintage Bride

Whether it’s old Hollywood glamor, or a quaint, ‘20s-inspired wedding, baby’s breath is a must! Baby’s breath was heavily used in wedding florals back in the day, as they are a symbol for everlasting love! We love this simple bundle of baby’s breath with a vintage-inspired gown and lace gloves. Bigger is not always better! Or if you’re more into the groovier decades, go colorful with a mixed bouquet of bright, fun flowers. Remember: it’s your day! Make it fit your aesthetic, not the other way around.

Rustic Romance Wedding

Are you the down-to-earth bride with little to no patience for frills or glitz? We’ve got you covered. We like to serve customers with all different types of tastes and preferences. If you’re looking for that organic, boho, care-free wedding vibe, opt for shades of dusty rose, burgundy, sage, and beige. Pampa’s grass makes a fabulous swap for more traditional foliage. Eucalyptus, cotton, orange celosia, and ranunculus are all gorgeous flowers that should be on your radar, free spirit!

Modern Elegance

You’re a bride that’s living in the now. You want a big, beautiful, wedding with lots of glitz and glam, and don’t forget the class. If you’re a modern glam bride, think dramatic bright whites. We recommend white orchids, roses, and lilies. Our modern brides also love contrasting, dark foliage like eucalyptus and Italian Ruscus. Truly, any flower will do so long as it is stark, bright, and jumbo-sized.

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