California: Home of the Wildflower

California wildflower field with bright orange flowers on green hills

California is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Did you know that the state has a plethora of beautiful, native flowers? Oftentimes wildflowers are overlooked. Sometimes scattered across open fields next to the freeway, or growing out of concrete on the sidewalk – these beauties are all around us. One of the most famous varieties of California wildflowers are Poppies. The “golden” Poppy is recognized as the state flower and looks to be made of papier-mâché! Its three, fragile petals sit atop a bundle of poppy seeds. Yes! These are the same poppy seeds used in desserts, most commonly paired with lemon. These flowers are not just for aesthetics, they have a medicinal and edible use too. The California poppy is in season from mid-March to April. It is rare to see floral arrangements that contain the poppy as they are paper-thin and lack structure and rigidity – but we still love to appreciate them in the great outdoors!

The Sunflower is another one of California’s natively grown flowers. This iconic flower is a staple in happy and bright floral arrangements. It is grown where the sun shines, therefore the sunny West Coast is a perfect place for it to thrive. Sunflowers add color and focus to a bouquet, and make a wonderful gift for new graduates, birthdays, and other happy occasions.

The Golden Lupine flower is nature’s marvel. Carpeting the hillsides on Pacific Coast Highway, it is a magnificent, tall, and awe-striking flower. Its grandness makes it fabulous for larger floral arrangements. For all yellow-lovers, it would make a terrific centerpiece for an event like a baby shower or birthday celebration. Golden lupine is a wildflower that is certain to wow.

Poppies, Sunflowers, and Golden Lupine are all lovely flowers. However, what sets them apart from other flowers is that they are grown natively in the state. It is best to grow flowers and plants that are native to the area for easier maintenance and water use. However, if you are purchasing flowers, consider wildflowers for their whimsical and care-free look!

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