Gifting Flowers Mean More Than You Think

Divine Fleurs employee hand holding freshly cut colorful bouquet of flowers

This tradition can be traced back to Ancient Greece, as certain gods and goddesses were associated with their respective flowers and were given them as offerings. This later developed into giving flowers to beautiful women, goddesses on Earth.

It isn’t hard to see why flowers transformed over centuries from simple plants that grew in dirt to stunning, elaborate arrangements that we give and receive as gifts. Flowers are Earth’s most beautiful accessory. As humans, when we see something beautiful, we are inclined to share it with someone else to show our gratitude and love for them. However, being humans, we have managed to assign elaborate meanings to everything we touch and see and smell!

This guide is the first installment to help you understand the meaning of flowers and their appropriate occasions. This week, we’ll be talking about roses.

Roses. When we think of flowers, we think of roses. They are the go-to for Valentine’s Day and every date ever. Red roses are often associated with romantic love and affection. They make the perfect gift for a girlfriend, wife, or prospective love. They allude to notions of passion, sensuality, and lust. Red roses are often gifted alongside wine, stuffed animals, and chocolates. It is uncommon to give red roses to a platonic friend or family member given the flowers’ rich romantic history. Their classic look and deeply symbolic meaning make them a favorite for lovers all over the world.

Makeup, tea parties, and first crushes – pink roses elicit the sweetest feminine feelings. This rose is perfect for the young ladies in your life. Nieces, daughters, cousins – all will treasure the simple kindness and girlish nature of the pink rose. Pink roses are also appropriate for young lovers. Pink roses make a fantastic centerpiece for a girl’s or young woman’s birthday or dinner party. Of course, pink roses are also perfect for baby showers and gender reveal occasions!

Underdogs, unsung heroes, underrated characters: They are all worth giving a shot! Yellow roses are the supporting role of the rose family. Unlike its sexy, red counterpart, yellow roses symbolize happiness and friendship. Gifting flowers is not only for those in romantic relationships. All enjoy flowers so why not surprise your best friend with a bouquet just because? Yellow roses will brighten one’s day as they brighten a room. In Victorian times, yellow roses were said to communicate jealousy. However today, that notion has passed, and yellow roses are appreciated for their awe-inspiring liveliness.

Finally, white roses. The meanings behind the white rose are beautiful and complex. White roses symbolize purity, innocence, and new beginnings while simultaneously being appropriate for funerals and mourning occasions. White roses are simple and stunning. There is no comparing them to any other flower. White roses show love, while also showing respect. They communicate loss and sorrow most subtly and softly. They are also stunning as wedding florals, making them one of the most popular flowers for the bridal bouquet.

With over 400,000 types of flowers in the world, it is impossible to describe their meanings in entirety. Remember, oftentimes these wives’ tales and meanings associated with flowers are helpful in social situations, but most times they are just silly! Go with your gut! If you want to give red roses to a friend, go right ahead! Just don’t get mad at us if they think you’re in love with them 😉

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