Gifting Flowers Mean More Than You Think

This tradition can be traced back to Ancient Greece, as certain gods and goddesses were associated with their respective flowers and were given them as offerings. This later developed into…
Divine Fleurs employee hand holding freshly cut colorful bouquet of flowers

Special Occasions Flower Bouquets – All in the Details

Weddings, baby showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events… the list is endless! Special events shape the trajectories of our lives. These are some of the most important days of…
Large beautiful and colorful bouquet of flowers taken in Glendale ca

California: Home of the Wildflower

California is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Did you know that the state has a plethora of beautiful, native flowers? Oftentimes wildflowers are overlooked. Sometimes scattered across…
California wildflower field with bright orange flowers on green hills